10 frequently asked questions about SBA basketball training

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What values are being taught besides basketball?

The values that are being taught and implemented are perseverance, dedication, patience and commitment. Being able to persevere through tough training and workouts is important as our players must learn to not give up when tough times occur. Being dedicated as staying disciplined and continuing to put in extra efforts for the sport is very hard in the long run.

Patience is something our players must learn to adapt to as they won’t succeed in the very first try and being able to stay patient and continue to work hard through failure in something we want our players to understand. Lastly, commitment is something our players should learn as attending all training sessions and workouts allow them to continue improving. Staying committed to improving allows them to be consistent in their growth of the sport and also as a person.

Do you have a pipeline for my child?

Firstly, we as an academy wish to understand and know our players better. For example, there are many players out there who want to take part in this sport as a leisure form of activity while others want to train and progress further to play it competitively. We as an academy have dedicated coaches who are motivated and passionate enough to lead and train these players to ensure their learning process for these players are effective. For example, for players that are training to be competitive players, we have brought them overseas to countries where they can experience the culture and society.

By doing this, our players tend to understand how fortunate they are and allows them to be more grateful and appreciative and this leads them to become better people in life. These are learning opportunities for our players and we are working on more ways to give our players better opportunities for them to develop better as a basketball player and as a person. For leisure players, we have camps and other sorts of enriching activities which keep them motivated and interested in this sport. Being creative enough to have fun and enjoyable activities while they can also learn and develop in the sport is of our main concerns.

Can my child pass DSA for schools by coming to the academy?

This question is something that we get a lot as many parents send their kids to our academy in hopes that we can train their child in a short period of time and allow them to pick up this sport within this time and be successful in the DSA exercises. However, we as experienced coaches cannot promise that we can train and develop their child in such a short period of time as basketball is not a sport that can be learnt in a week.

This sport requires tons of effort and dedication with hard work and resilience. The child first must do enough preparations before being sent over to be trained for DSA preparations as we being honest and truthful coaches, cannot develop and train a player within a short period of time. However, we are sure we can develop and train players with more time as we are confident our coaches and trainers can develop a player to be better in the long run.

Where are the venues?

As we have many players and students from different parts of the country, we have tried to cater to their needs and convenience by having multiple outlets in different areas. We have outlets in the North, Central and also in the East. These multiple venues allow all players from different parts of Singapore to be exposed to at least one venue near them.

What makes Scholar Basketball Academy different?

Scholar Basketball Academy is proud to create opportunities for both local professional players and SBA trainees. By having national players coming forward to share their experiences and training methods with SBA trainees. We are proud to invite Singapore’s very own national basketball players such as Wong Wei Long (SBA Founder), Leon Kwek, Larry Liew and Russell Low to run basketball some of our training and camps with us.

Beside that, we have a team of professional coaches that have plenty of experiences playing on different positions at a competitive level. Who pledge themselves to provide the highest training standard and deliver amazing training experience for their trainees. 

Passing down those knowledge, experiences, skills and culture to the next generation is important to us. This is our mission. To groom more basketball players to excel in Singapore and to bring Singapore’s basketball community to the next level.

How many trainees do you have per class?

We always have two trainers at each outlet and have a training ratio of 1:8 as this allows the training session with our players to be effective and productive. We always have at least two coaches at each training centre. This ratio allows us to focus easily on all our players instead of having too many players and students and being unable to focus on all of them.

What age must my child be before sending him to your academy to pick up the sport?

Our academy welcomes players and students of any age as we have coaches and trainers who are able to train and coach any type of player and person. Our trainers and coaches are able to accommodate any player of any age as we know what exercises, drills and programmes can be done for the different age and skill categories of players.

How do I check on my child’s progress?

Parents are welcome to talk to our trainers and coaches anytime to check in on their child’s progress. We understand that parents are very concerned about their child and whether or not he or she is having fun and learning well. Parents are welcome to even stay and watch the training programmes as well Parents can also send in their questions and enquiries at our website at any time and we will be more than happy to answer any question they have!

How regular are your camps held?

Our camps held by Wong Wei Long, Russel Low and Leon Kwek are held every few months to ensure we keep our players and other students active and interested in our academy. These camps are also hosted by National Players of different positions to cater to all the different players in Singapore. For example this year, the Wong Wei Long camp is held in May which is also a good time for the players as they would have finished their examinations.

What if my child is not as outgoing and physical as other players? Will this hinder the development process of my child?

Our coaches and trainers are trained and have sufficient experience in knowing how to train and handle any player with any sort of character. Firstly, we as coaches will understand our players first. We will separate the more advanced players from the beginners as this will be more effective for both types of players. The development of the child will be better if they train together with players of their calibre and standard. Our coaches are also able to train and coach any player as we have creative ideas and programmes to get your child involved.

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