Yuan Yang

At the tender age of 13, Yuan Yang transitioned from playing volleyball to basketball. Since then he has been actively participating in school and local basketball games. Being an active sportsman, He also plays soccer as a secondary sport. As he grew older, he learned a lot about basketball techniques and training methods from his […]

Rui Jie

Coach Rui Jie is well known as a formidable power forward & center basketball player, who strikes fear in the basketball court with his sheer strength and ‘1.86 m’ tall figure. He started playing basketball in secondary school and actively participated in local basketball competitions such as Men’s Open and Pesta Sukan Basketball. At 1.86m, […]

Tng Zhi Cai

Zhi Cai has been playing basketball over 15 years, since the age of 8 and coaching trainees from 6-15 years old for 1 year and counting. Coach Zhi Cai loves teaching trainees into a little detail of the drill and guide them through their life with the values learnt by him. Zhi Cai played in […]

Gildon Tan

Gildon has been playing the game of basketball for close to a decade and coaching trainees from 8 to 17 years old for 3 years and counting. Coach Gildon love teaching trainees of different personalities and character which he can adapt to and learn at the same time. While in his national youth period he […]

Jun Wei

Jun Wei has been playing basketball for 9 years. With this experience he is confident that he will be able to pass his knowledge to the younger generation. Currently, the coach for our Under 7 trainees. He loves to see the trainees mastering a certain skills set and applying them on the court. Coach Jun Wei believes […]

Muhammad Nur Alfilail

Alfi played in Singapore Division 1 Man local team for more than a decade. Would like to be known as Alfi as he thinks his name is too long for people to pronounce. With the accumulated amount of experience, he would be able to equip/impart knowledge to the trainees. Engaging and friendly while remaining strict […]

Bryan Lau

Biography: Bryan has been with SBA over a year now, forging the way for new generations of student-athletes. Been playing the game for many years, has given him insights into how he would mold the new generations. He is also the head coach for SBA under 10 boys category. Clenching 2nd for CBL U10 team the past […]

Mervyn Lee

Mervyn Lee, a 5 year veteran in the National Basketball League (Division 2), someone whom has been known for his sweet shooting stroke from the floor. Despite being plagued with multiple injuries in his career, he never allow them to stop him for striving to be at his best whenever he is on the court. […]

Lek Wei

Lek Wei has been competing in the game of basketball for 13 long years and he has trained under numerous coaches from all over the world such as China and Phillippines. Well known for his leadership he has helmed numerous leadership roles from captain of the basketball team to Singapore Armed Force 2nd Sergeant and […]

Ng Kian Hao

Experience: 8 Years Biography: Ng Kian Hao has been competing in the game of basketball since young and was scouted at the age of 17 to represent Singapore schools in the ASEAN school games. Well-known for his speed and dribbling skills he held leadership roles for captain in the Singapore schools and SIM. Currently, Kian […]