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15 Days Accelerated Training Program

Ball Handling Focused Training

ABL All Time Top-10, Wong Wei Long strive to impart his ball handling training and drills to transforms you into a speedy, agile and Skillful basketball player in 15 days!

Step Out of your Comfort Zone
Whether you are a beginner looking to pick up basketball or a seasoned basketball player looking to advance your ball handling, This 15 Days Ball Handling Masterclass is for you.

In this 15 Days you are going to be trained by Wong Wei Long and his team of experienced coaches through a closely monitored virtual online platform. We are going to provide you with checklist, worksheets, videos, live online training session and access to the exclusive community that will unlock all ball handling training secrets Wei Long used to dominate the court.

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Be a Great Ball Handler

15 Days Ball Handling Training Execution Plan

In this 15 day, you will be provided with a step by step training plan, checklists and videos that you should follow to produce significant result at ball handling. This plan allows you to understand and execute advanced ball handling techniques with ease.


Live Virtual Ball Handling Coaching Series

6 Ball Handling 60 Minutes Virtual Class that will teach you variety of different ball handling drills you should be doing to master ball handling. After you complete this 15-day ball handling masterclass, you will be getting an SBA Ball-Handling Masterclass Badge.

Basketball Online Exclusive Community

Access to exclusive community that answers all your question regarding how to improve your basketball skills, at most time of the day. Wei Long will be personally reviewing your training videos in the group and provide guidance.


What experts are saying about Wei Long?

- One of the best ball handling capability in SG, many of your students are a reflection of your game.
Wei Long has been guiding me the right way along my career. He always points out and remind me to change my bad habit. About Wei long ball handling skills, I believe that he is one of the best ball handler in Singapore I know by far.
- Jonathan Wong, National Basketball Athlete, Professional Basketball Player
As a senior, he often goes the extra mile to dissect the game for his juniors and patiently provides guidance to encourage their growth. I have learned more than I would have ever imagined under his guidance as Wei Long constantly challenge me to hone my skills each time I get on the court.
- National Basketball Athlete
The academy director, Weilong leads by example. His passion in Basketball is evident on the court, his patience with kids led to many referrals from current parents and last but not least, his values are translated into different aspects of the academy.
- Anthony Fu

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