Join us for Competitive Leagues and Games!

This prestigious basketball league now hosts up to 1500 players, 150+ teams across 22 divisions. With experience and high-profile coaches to guide players in matches.
SBA every year takes part in a Competitive Basketball League. This league provides a competitive background from aged 11 to 18 across three different ability divisions ranging from Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

During this awesome basketball League you will gain…

Unforgettable Experience

Through a competitive 5v5 match it will let players gain exposure and learn to play the game. With this experience they gain from this league, in future it will be easier for them to take part in school competition or at any competitive stage.

Foster Friendship and Loyalty

It allows players to analyse the strength and weakness of the other player, be it teammates or competitor. Also, to make adjustment during game time when necessary. Improve their ability to work with others, and generally make them more well-rounded individuals.

Understand Value of Sportsmanship

This allows our kids to compete at their most adequate level with sportsmanship and can help the players to not learn only how to be a better athlete, but at the same time, how to be a better person.

What others are saying

Joining a Basketball league has been a great exposure for me. I see different players from different schools in terms of their defence and passing techniques. I learned the importance of defence which I’m practically weak. I have also learn that having mutual trust in our teammates is very important. I hope to take part in more competitions and is able to play more competitively in the future.

-Jovan Yong, Basketball League Participant