Basketball Size Guide

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basketball size guide

Basketball is a sport that people of any age can take part in and play. There are various sizes of balls that cater to different ages.

For example, for young kids that are just starting to play the sport, there are basketballs which are smaller in size which makes it easier for them as they may not have the fundamental motor skills to use heavier and bigger balls. There are also other basketball sizes that cater to other ages as well based on their preferences and skill level.

Here are some guidelines you can use to choose the best basketball for your children.

Size 3 basketball
– Suitable for kids from ages 4-8.
– Mini basketball is suitable for their built and skill level.
– This size allows kids to learn and develop the core basics and fundamentals easily.

Size 4 basketball
– Suitable for kids from ages 5-8.
– Depending on the built, skill level and preference.
– Some kids may be stronger or bigger in size to use the Size 5 ball instead of Size 4.

Size 5 basketball
– Suitable for ages 9-11.
– This size is used for Primary School Competition Levels.

Size 6 basketball
– Suitable for ages 11-12.
– This size is used for senior levels in Primary School Competitions.
– This size is used for Women’s Open Competitions in the FIBA level.

Size 7 basketball
– Suitable for ages 13 and above.
– Known as the general Men’s size competition ball.
– Used for competitions around the world.

Overall, basketball is a sport that can be played at all ages. The earlier we expose our children to basketball, the better chance they have in being a skilled basketball player in the future. Of course, most people just love basketball and the joy it brings. Now you can go out and buy the best basketball for your children without fear of getting the wrong size.

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