Toh Qing Huang

Senior Coach & Singapore Slinger’s Player
Experience: 8 Years
Biography: Qing Huang is an active member in the Singapore National Basketball Men’s team. He is a member of the local professional team, Singapore Slingers. In 2014, Qing Huang assisted his team to win many competitions. His team, Adroit Sports Association, came in first in the Pro-Am Basketball League tournament in which he was awarded the Young Player of the Year award. In the same year, the Singapore National Basketball Men’s team clinched 1st position in the 2014 SEABA Stankovic Cup, and 2nd position in the 9th SEABA Champions Cup for Men.


In 2015, Qing Huang was also a proud member of the team that bagged home a bronze medal during the 28th Southeast Asia Games. Qing Huang attended the Point Guard Camp (PGC) in Oklahoma City, USA, and also the I’m Possible Skills Camp held by NBA trainer, Micah Lancaster, in Utah, USA, where he learnt to envision and empower himself not just as a player, but also as a leader and a person.

  • As a cat quick guard, Qing Huang’s agility on court equips him with the speed to drive past his opponents and attack the basket swiftly. Qing Huang is not the most physical player, but on a fast break, his speed and athletic abilities enable him to glide up and down the court and inflict damage on the opposition team. With such speed, it is no wonder he is able to shut down his opponents at ease with his defense. Great defense from individuals in a team could make a big difference when the games get closed.