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Scholar Basketball Academy’s basketball training programmes aims to improve your basketball skills progressively in a group or solo environment to imbue sportsmanship and skill in every of our student. We have dedicated programmes for every age groups and individuals.

Basketball Training Programmes

Group Training

Group training allows the player to improve his abilities by testing himself during realistic game situations. Through competitions, the player is able to compete against their peers of similar age group, discover more about his own strengths and weaknesses, find ways to improve on his strengths and work on his weaknesses. Our Group Training ensures quality by limiting the trainer to trainee ratio to a maximum of 1:10

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Learn-To-Play Training Programme (LTP)

Beginners to intermediate

A specially formulated programme to empower and equip amateurs with the knowledge and skills needed to learn the fundamentals of basketball as fast as possible.

Competitive Training Programme

Intermediate to Advance

Our CTP is designed with the intent to enhance the basketball capabilities and efficiency of our trainees on the court through situational and Positional Drills.

For the beginners, we will focus more on their body movement, psychomotor skills and fundamental skills such as basic ball handling and footwork. This is to prepare them for the next phase where they will learn more about the game itself.

Private Coaching

Personal training allows qualified, experienced trainers to work with players at a well-suited pace that leaves room for monitoring growth and progress. Through our customised training programme, the specific needs of each trainee can be addressed through systems that are used in the training of professional players. Players have a better opportunity to develop a strong foundation in their basic basketball skills.

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Benefits of 1-to-1 Coaching

  • Helps individuals to plan and align their personal growth and target.
  • Specific training plan for different individuals, making training engaging and involving.
  • Trainers are able to adapt to different trainee’s style of learning and introduce the best methodology for teaching.
  • Full attention of coach to correct and improve any techniques on the spot
  • Develop mental toughness both via correct motivation, by inspirational and encouragement during training
  • Helps individuals gain self-confidence and sporting values.
  • Encourages individuals to take ownership and responsibility of their own growth and performance.
  • Can be more cost effective and enhances flexibility in planning for sessions.

Private Clinic

Our qualified and experienced trainers are constantly emphasising on the values that basketball has in forming the positive attitudes that lead to success in life. Integrity, Perseverance and Teamwork are the key values that anchor our school programmes. These values are lifelong values that help our athletes, not only in sports but also their in academic pathways, career and personal character development to be a better person.

We plan services for the following

Now, we not only host basketball camps and clinics. SBA is also conducting private camps for schools, government organisations, charity organizations and private companies.

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  • 01

    School Clinics

  • 02

    School Camps and Oveseas Immersion Trips

  • 03

    Team Bonding Sessions and Camps

  • 04

    Coporate Leagues and mini-tournaments

  • 05

    Family day events and Functions

  • 06

    Charity Events involvement

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