10 frequently asked questions about SBA basketball training

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What values are being taught besides basketball? The values that are being taught and implemented are perseverance, dedication, patience and commitment. Being able to persevere through tough training and workouts is important as our players must learn to not give up when tough times occur. Being dedicated as staying disciplined and continuing to put in extra efforts for the sport … Read More

Basketball Size Guide

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basketball size guide

Basketball is a sport that people of any age can take part in and play. There are various sizes of balls that cater to different ages. For example, for young kids that are just starting to play the sport, there are basketballs which are smaller in size which makes it easier for them as they may not have the fundamental … Read More

Teaching Kids About Failures.

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I’ve personally seen kids cry, shout and get all emotional when they lose a game, and I believe it’s a process where they start to learn how to handle their emotions and accepting failures as part and parcel of life. Here are 3 out of the many ways we teach kids about failures in the game of Basketball. 1. No … Read More

Skills Training vs Physical Training by Leon Kwek

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Who is right? There has been a debate that is ongoing for a long time between youth basketball coaches on whether skills training or physical training should come first. Some coaches argue when you build the foundation of strength in an individual it helps to enable him to handle the skills training more effectively with better power and capability. Others … Read More