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IN THIS ISSUES:  1) THE WFH Effect,  2) Students Update,  3)Update on You,  4)Drill At Home T H E  W F H  E F F E C T As of 7th April, the government implemented the “COVID-19 circuit breaker” till 4th May. What can we do? Where can we go? Is the court safe? Stay at home. Only go out … Read More


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ERROR 404 FOUND IN THE WORLD 2020 What has it become? It’s only been three months into the year, yet it feels like a decade of events has started to us. Starting in January Australian Wildfire, Flood in Jakarta, Earthquake in Turkey to February where violent shooting in Thailand, Riots in Delhi to the current all-time headline “Corona-virus” which is … Read More

Vertical Jump series blog

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    In basketball, being able to jump high is a skill which every basketball player wants to have. Being able to jump high gives you a high advantage to play this sport better than others and perform better than your opponents in many ways! The advantages of jumping high in basketball are, grabbing offensive and defensive rebounds over your … Read More

27 Youth Basketball Preparations and Games

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If you are looking for youth basketball preparations and games that you can teach the kids for physical wellness, sports choice, or free time, this article is a perfect guide for you. There are tons of coaches looking for basketball drills. Although coaches are already experts in the field, they still do not know how they can coach basketball to … Read More