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Rui Jie

Development Coach

Coach Rui Jie is well known as a formidable power forward & center basketball player, who strikes fear in the basketball court with his sheer strength and ‘1.86 m’ tall figure.

He started playing basketball in secondary school and actively participated in local basketball competitions such as Men’s Open and Pesta Sukan Basketball.

At 1.86m, Rui Jie’s size may make him intimidating, but his smile has the power to melt the heart of his trainees.

Rui Jie graduated from Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) as a Marketing Graduate and followed his passion for being a basketball coach. He aspires to nurture basketball players from a young age with proper training.

He mentioned that it was unfortunate that during secondary school, he did not have a proper basketball coach but a teacher acting as a basketball coach. It was only till he is 16 years old, that he joined a local basketball club and was given the right basketball training. This experience leads him to want to give young children the opportunity to learn basketball at a younger age.

Juggling Work, Family & Basketball, he stays motivated to continue to play basketball because of the camaraderie he and his team shared. He feels the best when they work hard during training as a team and win basketball games.

His ultimate aim as a basketball player is to be a great team player. To be able to help his team win games. Regardless of the amount of time he gets to play on the court.

During his free time, he enjoys watching basketball-related shows, YouTube videos and NBA, playing basketball or mobile games with his friends

He does not have a favourite NBA team, being a kind soul he likes to support the underdogs instead the favourites.

Not being a picky eater, Rui Jie’s all-time favourite hawker food is “Cai Fan”, as it has plenty of variations he can choose and mix. That might explains how he got his tall and buff figure. Having a well-balanced diet.

Basketball is a lifestyle of Rui Jie instead of just a sport.

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