How to Do a Crossover Jab by ABL Top 10 All-Time MVP “Wong Wei Long”

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The crossover jab is one of the killer moves in basketball, which can lead a team into victory if done correctly. It is a misdirection technique that can confuse the opposing players or lead their bodies into a disadvantaged position.

The techniques that you will learn from this blog is the one taught by Wong Wei Long. Wong Wei Long is a professional Singaporean basketball player who plays for BTN CLS Knights Indonesia, which is a member of the ASEAN Basketball League (ABL). 

This killer basketball move may look simple to do, but it is not as easy. Coaches reveal the beginners struggling to perfect this move.   

Russel Westbrook, Damian Lillard, and Kevin Durant are among the professional players who use this move. It proves the crossover jab is still a practical move against professional defensive players. This technique can misdirect even professional players.

Why It is Effective?


The crossover jab confuses amateur players. Even though professional players might be aware of it, they cannot help but to get into the position that is advantageous to the other team.  

It gets the defenders to move their hips several times and to move sideways. By getting into this disadvantageous position, the defenders unwillingly create a small path for the offensive players to move to pass them.

How to Do the Crossover Jab

To do the crossover jab, you must learn these three essential pointers:

  1. Sell your moves to the defensive player. 

To “sell your moves” mean that you should confuse your opponent with misdirection. In this part, you should be keen on reading your opponent’s defensive move. Your greatest assets in this pointer are your hips, shoulders, and eyes. 

Say that you want your opponent to move into the left direction. To begin, dribble the ball first, pass it from your left hand to your right, and watch how the defensive player will react to your movement. 

If the defensive player does not move, you can confuse the defender by turning your eye gaze to the opposite side from where the ball is (by fixing your gaze to the left side); as if you are planning to move into that direction. 

Next, step a little into that direction, without thoroughly moving into it. 

Commonly, the defensive players react by also moving their hips along with you. If it happens, it allows you to quickly move into the right and move to pass the defensive player.  

  1. Guard the defender’s movement.

Professional players might not easily buy your attempt to confuse them, especially if they know that you are using this technique against them. That is why you should learn how to read the defence player’s movement before passing through him or her.

Commonly, most guarded players can quickly shift if they are aware of your moves. If it happens, continue stepping the jab and doing the crossover until you can get through the defender.

  1. Cut the defender’s path.

Cutting through the defender’s path will give you a small space and time to get pass through him or her. To do it, you need to quickly lower your stance with your chest pointing on the floor. Then, move in the opposite direction from where the defender is.

Here’s the full instructional video:


Tips for Using This Technique


  • Remember that when you crossover to the left, you jab your foot to the right, and vice versa. You jab your foot at about 45-degree angle as if you are moving into that direction. Next, use your other foot on the other side on the same angle until you can find the path to get through the defender.
  • The key to succeeding in using this technique is by being keen on reading your opponent.
  • Jab long enough to make your movement believable to the opposing player. Once the defender reacts, his or her hips lean into your jabbed direction. Thus, it opens the path on the other side.
  • When you lower your stance as you cut away from your opponent’s path, you need your chest to be pointing to the ground because it enables you to elongate your stride and enhance your speed while keeping your balance.
  • Make sure to sell your fake moves to your opponent. 

As you notice, the crossover jab is easy to learn. However, it is not easy to do. To get used to this technique, you need to practice it often and with cones as much as possible. 



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