Learn How Scholar Basketball Academy Conducted Online Virtual Class during Circuit Breaker

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Due to the Cov-19 pandemic, all basketball athletes around the world would have to restrict themselves from meeting up with their friends and engaging in basketball matches at their favourite basketball court.

After the announcement of the circuit breaker measures. Everyone at Scholar Basketball Academy is deeply saddened by the news. However, we fully understand the need to stop the spread of the virus. Our team of coach lead by Wong Wei Long started to rack our brains on how we can continue to serve our basketball community and students at the academy.

There are a few reasons why we wanted to start our virtual classes:

  • Provide active exercises for our students who are stuck at home
  • Engage and foster a better relationship with our students
  • Provide training so they won’t lose touch with basketball
  • Develop a virtual basketball program that is as effective as a physical basketball program in improving our student’s skills and knowledge
  • Build an online basketball program offers a better alternative to children who want to learn basketball
  • And if this current restriction on sports activities drags till the end of 2020, children are still able to learn basketball from the comfort of their home

Developing a virtual basketball class may look simple to do, but it’s no easy feat. 

1. The Majority of Basketball Drills Can’t Be Performed at Home.

Basketball is a sport that requires bouncing a ball and moving around a big space. In Singapore, there are no more than a handful of houses that meet this requirement and we understand the importance of being considerate for our neighbours.

Therefore, we had to innovate basketball drills and teaching methods to ensure everyone is able to execute them in a tight space.


2. Develop Full-Fletched Online Training

A high-quality virtual program has to include a series of training that a beginner can start with and turn into a full-fledged basketball player with a good understanding of the game by the end of the program.

The online virtual class program we developed is based on a 12 weeks training curriculum. Which trains a player on most aspect of the game and equips them with all basketball skills required for them to be a full-fetched basketball player.

Here’s the breakdown of the one-hour online virtual class:

  • Theory – 10 Minutes

    The coach will spend the first ten minutes teaching basketball theory to the students such as FIBA basketball rules, basketball ethics and definitions. 
  • Skills/Physical Development – 30 Minutes

    Followed by thirty minutes of skill/physical development to develop their basketball skills and fundamentals. 

    Strength and Conditioning – 20 Minutes

    The last twenty minutes will be an intense strength and conditioning workout.


The student will be learning a variety of basketball knowledge and skills during the 12 weeks program.

Week 1 -4: Fundamental

To be a good player, being an accurate shooter or being fast can give you the edge over a weaker opponent but to play among the best you need to have a solid fundamental as even a small crack in your movement can be seen as a weakness by your opponents.

Week 5-8: Game Moves

Now that our students have learnt the right fundamental of basketball, we are going to teach them game moves that will allow them to get past any defender on the court and improve their agility, stamina and strength through practising those drills.

Week 9-12: Dominating Drills

During this third phase, students will be challenged by more advanced drills we have prepared for them which are a combination of things they learnt during the past 8 weeks. They will transform to a better, stronger & faster basketball player by the end of the 12 weeks program.


3. Online Virtual Coaching

Why can’t basketball players just learn and pick up skills from Youtube instructional basketball videos?

The SBA online virtual class is not created equal to those online basketball Youtube videos. We develop this program to offer better guidance and two-way communication with our students as compared to an online basketball video.

-example, fitness trainer compared to online video

SBA online virtual class has three basketball coaches to run the class to ensure students get enough attention during the class and execute the drills correctly.

  1. Head Coach – Conduct the class and deliver the best training standard possible
  2. Assistant Coach – Monitor the student movement and ensure every student does the drills correctly and correct the student movement during the class
  3. Moderator – Make sure the class is running smoothly, resolve any technical error and facilitate the class.


4. Ensuring Students Get Result

Scholar Basketball Academy Founder, Wong Wei Long strongly emphasizes that all programs developed by the academy must be aligned with the academy mission and vision statement.

SBA Mission – To cultivate an environment for excellence through sports and be a walking testimony of success through values.

Be the guiding light for others who will leave their marks on the society with Humility, Hard Work, and Dedication.

SBA Vision – “Building the next generation of basketball players with Versatility, Resilience and Confidence to compete at elite levels”

He has set a high standard for himself and his coaches to achieve this vision and ensure the online virtual class truly benefits his students before launching the online virtual class out to the community.

Here’s are some testimonial from the students who attended a few of this virtual class:


“The online classes are a big comfort in that my boys get to virtually meet familiar faces, those of their coaches’ and teammates’. Being together motivates them to persevere and continue working towards their common goals.”

“I suppose N and T have been enjoying the classes and so have been diligently attending them without me needing to remind them to set up their laptops and home studio. I see that they work out buckets of sweat each session, I suppose each one is really intensive. Well done and thank you for being around SBA!

“Archer joined SBA last year, we are really happy to see how greatly he is progressing on his favourite sport. Even during this COVID 19 period, surprisingly SBA had provided the fantastic online training courses, Archer now is joining his team virtually together with SBA coach every week and continuously being well trained. Thanks to every coach!”

As of 24 May 2020, Scholar Basketball Academy has conducted more than 20 online virtual classes and continues to garner great responses from our students.

We are grateful for the support of our student’s parents and students during this COV-19 pandemic. We will continue to strive to deliver the best basketball training so anyone can excel in basketball and achieve great results in all their endeavours.

Let’s get through this together! Stay Safe!

To find out more about the online virtual class and sign up. Click here.

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