Living the Basketball Life: The Player and the Coach in Me, Bryan Lau

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Bryan Lau SBA Basketball Coach

Basketball is one of the most loved sports, from kids to adults. Since day one, people can’t get enough of this sport that they play this game, even in their phones. Moreover, aspiring men and women athletes are influenced well by this sport; and one of them is me.

My Basketball Journey: Growing up as a Player

Before being a coach, my basketball journey started as a player, as most coaches do. I started playing the sport at the age of nine, and I used to play it with a coach. My coach helped me until I developed my passion slowly. He’s been my coach when I was in primary and secondary school. Also, he continued to coach me even when I’m on an outside team. There are also times that we’d go to nearby courts to play with my neighbours and friends. It’s how I had deeper feelings for the sport. 

Basketball has been a part of my growing up journey. I always play it when I was a kid, and my parents let me play first. They’re giving me a particular time to play, as well as a time to study. Hence, what I usually do, I play first, then I come back home to study. 

It’s easy; no study today means no playing time for tomorrow. Since I want to play basketball more with my friends, I have to study for two hours. After learning, it’s the only time that I can go out and play with them. This practice makes me look forward to playing the sport and studying at the same time. 

Most basketball players, especially the young ones, will always yearn to achieve something. The greatest achievement I have was qualifying in the Division Ones. Afterwards, I got a shot to play in the Pro-AM. I also had some accomplishments in my secondary schools, aside from getting into these two divisions. I had the chance to compete for the nationals and the national finals.

Why Choose Basketball: Reasons Behind my Decisions

Basketball gives fulfilment to both spectators and athletes when someone shoots the ball, and it goes inside the hoop. Everyone gets crazy whenever the ball hits the circle, and it’s one of the reasons why I like this sport. I love the feeling whenever I had the opportunity to shoot a ball, and it eventually counts in the basket. The feeling of being able to hold the ball for the team is fantastic. It’s what triggers me most during Basketball games. 

After years of experiences and developing my passion for Basketball, I finally got the shot to become a coach, like what most players dream of achieving.

My Basketball Journey: The Fulfilling Life as a Coach

My journey as a coach started with a joke. While playing basketball with colleagues, I kid around with one of them. I told my colleague that I graduated, and I was searching for a job. Then, he asked me if I want to join their company since they’re hiring, and I told him that I’d give it a shot. Afterwards, I was interviewed for the job as a coach. 

I got into coaching because I have a strong belief that Basketball in Singapore will have an excellent prospect. My target is the younger generation, wherein I yearn to stir up the knowledge to them in terms of the sport. Furthermore, this knowledge can impact their lives, especially their life values like discipline. 

My first coaching experience was more of instructing people on what they should do. After being assigned as an assistant, I was learning other ways of coaching. I also learned the necessary fundamentals of teaching students. From there, I improved little by little.

For a coach, there will be a lot of memorable experiences, regardless if it’s during training or competitions. As for the most unforgettable experience I had as a coach, it’s a clinic in Surabaya. I went on a two-day and one-night event, and the club welcomed me as if I’m a part of their family. It was indeed amazing because I haven’t even coached them, yet they already acknowledge me as a family member, and it makes it very memorable. 

Furthermore, I coach a lot of children. I always have a soft spot, especially when I see them smile. Seeing them smile makes me feel happier, and it’s what I like most about working with them. They don’t have to say a word, only expressions. When you teach something to them, they can understand, especially the right techniques. I feel contented after instructing them in the way of achieving something from it. 

Take it from a Basketball Coach: What Makes an Exceptional Coach

Coaches are essential, regardless of any sports. Every team needs a coach, especially kids. Young players need to have a coach in basketball because, aside from playing the sport, we also impart punctuality, teamwork, and discipline. This stuff we teach them will help them be a better individual and also, to grow up. 

When it comes to the crucial qualities of a coach, the essential quality, in my opinion, is coachability. It’s how you present in front of the learners. It’s also the way you talk and stand in the way that you have to tell with confidence.

Another aspect is how you can convey the message you want to deliver to them. For example, if you ask children to do some drills, in what way do you want your students to do correctly.

Moreover, they start from nothing, wherein they don’t have a clue about the drills. Another example of an exercise is a layup. If your students can’t do the training, what other drills can they do? You must teach the right technique to them on how to do it. 

Aside from coachability, a coach should be able to have patience, especially to kids. 

Coaching may look easy on the outside, but it’s never easy on the inside. However, I love this job because of the environment. Every time you go to work, you see your coworkers, and you see them more than your family. After eight hours in a workday, you go home to your family and see them for only two hours.  

Moreover, I love doing what I’m doing, and it doesn’t feel like I have to work. I love my job, I love my working environment, and these interest me. 




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