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2020 What has it become?

It’s only been three months into the year, yet it feels like a decade of events has started to us.

Starting in January Australian Wildfire, Flood in Jakarta, Earthquake in Turkey to February where violent shooting in Thailand, Riots in Delhi to the current all-time headline “Corona-virus” which is still spreading its news till this date.

Do we need to restart 2020? What do you think? We are just a basketball fan and enthusiast, what does this virus mean for us? With the current measurements taken to stop spreading of the virus, we have to stop Balling Out on the courts. Stay safe Stay Healthy Take care of Your Surroundings Personals.

Let’s see what we can do at home with the ideas listed below!



With current measurement implemented by the MOH S’pore, All gatherings, group activities and classes must not exceed 10 persons.The physical distance of at least 1m between participants must be followed strictly at all times.

So basically, What does this mean? Yup, you guessed it right, no ball time on the courts. Basketball is a physical contact game, so we cant maintain that 1 m rule most of the time during ball session. Stay home and ball out or at least NBA2k20 it out 􀀀😂.

So could you train your ball-skills still? Yes, you can. SBA got you! We are posting regular training videos by the coaches here with social distancing. Follow us on Facebook & Instagram to see what we are up to. The GRIND may slow down but it does not STOP. HTTPS://INSTAGRAM.COM/SCHOLARBASKETBALL



Core Training – Beginner

Let’s begin with the simplest of stuff, beginner mode. Core training is good for its power, strength and stabilization. Good core muscles create a solid base for

your body, allowing you to stay upright and stand strong on your two feet.


– Planking requires you to support your body on your forearms and toes while

holding your body in a straight line from your shoulders to your ankles. You can make it easier by resting on your knees, or harder by extending your arms so you’re supported by your hands. Lets us begin with resting on knees and extend to hand support in days to come.

Dead bug

– Lie on your back with your arms extended straight up towards the ceiling, and your legs raised with your knees bent at 90°. Lower your right arm and left leg at the same time until they are hovering just above the floor, then return to the starting position. Then do the same with the opposite limbs.


– Sit on the floor with your knees bent. Lean back slightly, keeping your back straight, and hold your arms out in front of you as you raise your feet off the ground with your legs together. If you can, extend your legs so they are straight and your body forms a V shape. You can also raise your arms and spread your legs to make the hold harder.

Repetitions to be done:

1) Plank Time 30 Sec

2) Dead Bug 10 Reps

3) Boat Time 30 sec with 1 min rest after.

Do Drill for a total 5 mins and slowly increasing it to 10 min. Just 10 mins a day!

More core strengthening drills will be added.

Other interest of drills there is :

– Side Crunch

– Bicycle Crunch

– Alternating Seated Leg Lifts



Dear SBA Family,

Basketball is not only our passion. The love for the game extends much beyond the lines on the basketball court.

Yet, during this trying period of the Covid-19, things have to change. We strongly believe that this is the time to stop all our basketball activities for the greater good just as why New York is banning Basketball and all contact sports.

Words cannot express our appreciation for all your support and feedback throughout this period.

Some may ask, ‘Can we still practise and play with social distancing measures set in place, taking body-temperatures and sanitizing our hands prior to trainings?’

To answer this, we need to understand that these are just precautionary measures that will only lower the risk of the virus spreading, and not completely preventing it given the current scientific findings on the Covid-19 virus.

Furthermore, Basketball by nature is a sport where contact and bodily fluid exchanges cannot be avoided. We also foresee that the relevant agencies will also encounter difficulties tracing students if something were to happen as our trainees come from many different schools island wide.

As always, SBA’s stand is to provide a safe and conducive environment for our trainees, but if safety is being compromised, we will do whatever we can to rectify it, even if it means stopping all trainings if necessary and for however long the Ministry of Health (MOH) suggests.

Therefore, SBA will suspend trainings in all of our training centers and venues, in accordance to the MOH advisory from 26th March 2020, 2359hrs onwards to 30th April 2020.This suspension applies to all group trainings, small group-skills and individual trainings.


SBA Trainees

For our SBA trainees who are reading this, we have to accept the fact that being able to play Basketball safely has always been a privilege for us. During this time, we realised that the things we often take for granted is now taken away.

It’s a reminder for you to take time to treasure your family and loved ones and come back stronger than before after this global crisis. For now, we have to deal with things differently.


How Can I Continue My Training?

SBA will be putting up online teachings on our SBA social media accounts and you can look forward to practice some movements and drills. You can practice it at home or anywhere safe.

For SBA’s internal and external stakeholders, We understand the fear among everyone and we assure everyone that we are all in this together.

We believe that together, we can emerge stronger as we tide through this tough time together. Apart from the current Business Continuity Plans that we have in place, we will follow any new guidelines issued by the relevant government agencies.

Work plans will be as per normal and we assure that the livelihood of our full-time coaches and staff will not be affected due to the current situation.

We expect this issue to persist for months, as it is without any doubt the biggest threat that the World and Singapore has faced for the past decades. SBA will continue to develop and update our measures in accordance to the Singapore Government’s guidelines and regulations to ensure the safety of our coaches, students and their families.

Take care and we will see you real soon.



Founder, Scholar Basketball


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